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When the shape of my pizza was less like the globe and more like its continents! Essay

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Armaan K Shah

Hey friends, Sara here? Anyone here who has failed miserably at their pizza baking attempts? I have! Thankfully, 7 year old Armaan K Shah from Kolkata is here to motivate us to make some more attempts!

When the shape of my pizza was less like the globe and more like its continents! Essay

My interest in cooking developed when my mom made Sushi for the first time. I immediately wanted to taste more scrumptious delicacies!

I decided to try my hand in the kitchen and cook a delicious dish for my family. An idea struck me- to cook some tasty wood fired pizza.

I started by kneading the dough for the pizza. Oh! How calming it was.

Then I picked my spatula, and kept adding some herbs to my ripened  tomatoes.


Now it was time to roll the pizza into the perfect round shape, just like a globe.

Alas! The shape was not like the globe but of its continents. Nevertheless I  added the pizza sauce and grated some mozzarella cheese on it and topped it  up with my favourite toppings.

After pre heating the oven, I placed my pizza carefully on the baking tray.


Now it was time to cut them into pieces as my family members were eagerly  waiting to have the pizzas which I baked for them.

Everyone loved my pizzas so much ,they wanted more! I made more for them so that they get happier.

The more pizzas I baked, the better their size and shape became. I learned  from this incident – try and try, and it will get better!


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