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Know Sara better

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Bookosmia Spotlight


Sara, India’s first sports loving female character for kids.

The Drama –Athlete helps kids understand the everyday world, from festivals to field games!

Know Sara better

Sara loves her sports. From the smell of a freshly laid cricket pitch, the sweaty Bookosmia's Sara swimmingevenings playing Kabbadi, a ‘cannon ball’ into the swimming pool to the fun of kicking a football.

She also loves her stories with double dose of drama.

Her friends do rib her for her continuous dramatic commentary sometimes, from festivals to field games, but she knows they mean well. She hang outs with a group that ‘gets’ her instead of asking her why she isn’t wearing pink.

Not that there is anything wrong in wearing pink. She got herself a pink swimswear for that reason too.But she likes to make time by thinking less of what she will wear and more of what she can do.

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