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Why an International Day of Peace (United Nations) 2020? Essay

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Srijani Basu

Hey friends, Sara here!  21st Sep 2020 is the International Peace Day. 14 year old Srijani Basu from Kolkata shares with us the reason why this day is important.


Srijani is a student of Loreto House School, Middleton Row, Kolkata.

Why an International Day of Peace (United Nations) 2020? Essay


In common parlance, peace means absence of conflict and tension. It also  means freedom from the fear of violence between men and men, country
and country.  Peace is the concept of collective amity and harmony in the  absence of resentment and cruelty.

The International Peace Day, first celebrated in 1981 by the United Nations, is  observed around the world on the 21 st of September. This day is dedicated to
world peace and specifically the nonexistence of war and violence.


Peace is one of the most essential things we need for our prosperity. Without  peace it will be impossible for us to create or move forward. With riots and wars all around, we will be busy trying to protect our lives.

This is why peace is so important and is an absolute necessity for social and  economic development of a country.

The International Peace Day provides a universal date for the entire mankind  to remain committed to peace moving above differences and make a  contribution to develop a general peaceful environment. This year is especially important amidst the Covid pandemic which shook the entire world.


Let us all, on this International Peace Day, hope to focus on the earliest  immunization  against this deadly virus, and stay committed to maintaining peace and harmony amongst each other, in these tough times.


We have to make the world a peaceful haven.



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