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‘Yoda’s life’ Story

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Zahrah Khan

Hey, your friend Sara here! Still don’t know anything about the iconic Yoda? Here is 7 year old Zahrah Khan from Ontario, Canada to the rescue! Don’t miss the illustrations by this promising young writer.


Zahrah is a student of TJS School of Milton , Ontario, Canada

‘Yoda’s life’ Story

Yoda’s life – Story by a 7 year old

Yoda was a baby and got accepted to the academy where there were many ‘Among-us’ people, namely Among-us Harry Potter,  Among-us devil, Among-us cheese, Among-us reindeer, Among-us Santa, Among-us Pikachu, Among- us covered in Christmas lights, Among-us flash, and Among us-Naruto.

among us yoda story by kids read with Sara Bookosmia
Ok now he meets the devil. The devil was so happy that he called everyone and said that the king is here. Everyone was thrilled! Still, Yoda was confused. He  had no idea what is being talked about, so they explained why they are calling him king – because Yoda’s father held a place for him.

among us devil yoda story by kids bookosmia
Then Yoda understood why they were calling him a king. Yoda ruled the
academy after that. And that is Yoda’s life, when he got his lightsaber and everything.


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