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You got to live life! – Poem

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Nandini Jhunjhunwala

Hello wonderful people, Sara here! 13 year old Nandini Jhunjhunwala from Kolkata has a message to reboot all of us- you have got to embrace all that life has to offer. Read on and get motivated!

Nandini is a student of Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata

You got to live life! – Poem

Does life mean something to you?
Trying to give in or give up, every second you breathe.

But don’t yet, you need to carry through
Cause there’s always a silver lining underneath.

There are adventures which are unseen,
Novelty to come every step you seek.


Let go of things that have been,
Live your life every day of the week .

There will be one day, when you die,
But let nature decide when to take this wonderful blessing.

Don’t take it lightly, it ain’t a lie.
Stop stressing and start expressing.

Embrace life as it comes,
Cause you got to live it, to get august outcomes.

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